We follow a very personal approach to our construction projects, liaising with our clients at all stages of the build process.

The initial phase is split into 4 stages, this ensures we complete your dream home on time and on budget.


So What is Design & Build?
Design and build is the design, management and construction of a property where the contractor is responsible for all 3 elements.
Design Responsibility
Obviously, this resides with us, although in certain circumstances you, the client, will have your own design team produce the initial requirements and employ us to complete the detailed design.

You can rely on Green Print Homes to be a complete single-point for contractual and liability issues by transferring your design team/s to us.

How can we help?
Having undertaken a significant number of design and build projects, both as principal contractor and sub-contractor, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to provide expert advice throughout the whole design, build and completion process. From the choice of materials through to warranties and testing certification.

Green Print Homes takes pride in its eye for detail and precision throughout the build process with one-off/bespoke traditional or boutique style properties are our forte.

For more information, please contact us.


STEP 1 - Inspiration
We meet to discuss what inspires you and your ideas. It’s important to know exactly what’s feasible and what isn’t. If your budget doesn’t match your idea, we’ll suggest alternative approaches.
STEP 2 - Design & Visualisation
We will help provide drawings, either using our own or your design teams. How detailed you wish to be is entirely up to you – simple 2D drawings right through to a 3D printed colour model are available to ensure your home will be exactly what you want and work exactly the way you and your family want it to. (Our own time and effort to assist at this point is included free of charge)
STEP 3 - Planning
Obtaining planning permission seems a daunting task. We look after this process for you, using yours’ or our own design teams to submit the planning application. We have hands on involvement as the design passes through the many processes required to receive a successful outcome. Our experienced engineering team provide advice and assistance throughout the whole process.
STEP 4 - Project Start
Once planning is granted, it’s time to commit. Sign on the dotted line, and the project begins in earnest with us undertaking the build of your beautiful new home. You will be required to provide input throughout the whole process so we can make sure it fits your exact requirements. We will also take care of any further formalities such as meeting Health and Safety, Building Regulations and Warranty requirements all the way through until you move in.